About Us

About Us

We are a team of world-class IT Executives who are passionate about optimizing technology, systems, processes, and people to improve business outcomes. Our clients are mid-market companies who have both the opportunities and challenges of their larger competitors. We provide experienced IT and business leadership that helps them attain their vision and outsmart or outmaneuver their competitive giants. 

Our approach is simple – to bring the most experienced and proven IT leaders to our clients on a fractional, interim, or project basis to help them:

  • Gain clarity about their options and opportunities
  • Invest wisely in ways that maximize their competitive advantage
  • Manage their IT operations with confidence

Our Values

We started TAG CXO to bring together a carefully selected team of world-class executives who have a similar belief system. Our culture and values drive how we work and relate together and with our clients. We believe in:

  • A philosophy of stewardship: of people, processes, systems, and products
  • Being passionate for continuous improvement
  • Embracing positive conflict
  • Being bold in vision – but pragmatic in execution
  • Making each decision based on creating value for our clients

Our Team

Paul Theisen

Founder, Principal, and Fractional CIO

A tenured executive leader, Paul brings over 30 years of experience across a spectrum of industrial markets serving asset heavy enterprises in commercial and specialty construction, global manufacturing, energy, and the utility industries.

Zach Poth

Chief Operating Officer

Zach is a seasoned Sales and Operations Executive with over 15 years of progressive experience in business process development and people management. 

Bryan Kearney

Fractional Executive CIO

Bryan is passionate about helping mid-market executives build and sustain a framework and process for technology alignment to business objectives.

Ed Escobedo

Fractional Executive CIO/CISO/CRO

Ed is a passionate and skilled problem solver. Through focused leadership, Ed helps mid-market organizations build and align their internal technology and cybersecurity systems and processes, leading to positive transformation and operational excellence.

Steve Phillips

Fractional Executive CIO/CISO/CRO
Steve is a people-first leader who inspires and builds sustainable teams with an unrelenting focus on results. In his 25-year career as a CIO, Steve has set and delivered digital transformation strategies that propel innovation and top and bottom-line growth, as well as offer competitive differentiation.

Lisa Baldwin

Fractional Executive CIO

Lisa is a global-minded IT leader who brings world-class insights – gained from 30 years of experience – to TAG CXO clients. She has a track record of transformation and modernization with paramount, luxury brands such as Tiffany and Co., Coach and IBM.

Practice Directors

Darin Howard

Practice Director, BI/Reporting and

Darin’s leadership and years of business intelligence experience enable him to design and develop solutions that deliver timely and trusted information, helping organizations make better decisions critical to their success. 

Dan Streufert

Practice Director, IT Infrastructure Services

Dan is a proven and experienced, enterprise IT leader with a passion for process enablement and business/IT transformation in rapid-growth organizations. An entrepreneur at heart, Dan’s personal drive and curiosity have honed and complemented his soft skills with deep technical knowledge. 

Kevin Lee

Practice Director, Cybersecurity Services

With more than 35 years as a consulting practice leader and executive with a background implementing a wide range of operational and IT solutions for some 80 different clients, Kevin brings extensive experience and uncommon acumen to the table.

Strategic Partners

Jim Williams

Senior Advisor, Human Resources & Labor Relations

Jim brings over 30 years of Human Resources, Change Management, and Executive Coaching in a diverse set of organizations concentrating on utilities, mining, heavy construction/ maintenance, and municipalities. In his role as a consultant and business coach, Jim will ask powerful questions without judgment.

Kim Moulton

Senior Advisor, Human Resources, Labor Relations, Health & Safety

A diverse career of over 30 years focused on people through Health, Safety & Wellness, Human Resources, and large-scale Change Management / Cultural transformation initiatives allows Kim to influence and guide an organization, its leaders and those who get the work done.

Mark Jones

Senior Consultant, Microsoft 365 Services