TAG CXO hosts CIO roundtable event

Phoenix, Ariz., March 14, 2022 – TAG CXO executives and industry experts came together in a virtual roundtable to talk shop and discuss the state of the IT industry.

The roundtable, hosted by TAG CXO, included several members of TAG CXO’s executive bench, as well as industry friends.

Those in attendance shared the latest industry news and best practices, as well as offered support, advice and wisdom. The common theme was that the CIO should be an advocate and a facilitator for the business.

“IT should work as one with the business,” said Steve Phillips, a TAG CXO fractional executive CIO and leader of the roundtable.

He stressed the importance of having something to say on the direction of the company and whether the IT department can help.

“Have a point of view on the business, and if you don’t feel comfortable with that, go out and learn more about the business,” Phillips said.

With the challenges facing IT departments – increased digitization, shifting business strategies, budget pressure and C suite relationships – CIOs should be willing to partner with CEOs to help both parties deliver on their goals and be successful.

“Be a sounding board,” said Lisa Baldwin, TAG CXO fractional executive CIO.

Be willing to speak at company events, partner with other departments to build a business case and offer a discerning ear to colleagues and leaders in other departments, she said.

Roundtable attendees offered IT best practices such as always include an IT update on meeting agendas, get pre-consensus in your team before presenting an idea, don’t use too may tech acronyms when presenting to shareholders and be willing to try to fix anything – even the breakroom coffee maker.

The roundtable brought veteran CIOs together from across a variety of industries to forge relationships and broaden networks.

“TAG CXO’s CIO Roundtables are by-invitation-only events, including former Fortune 500 Technology Chiefs. Each roundtable includes only peers from the industry, assembled to discuss and share current trends and lessons learned at the top. It is an opportunity to both look back and look ahead. Participants share and gain valuable perspectives, foster collaborative and trusted peer relationships, and walk away with actionable insights to share with their clients. By developing a trusted tribe of peers, our Delivery Executives and Clients win!” – Paul Theisen

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Zach Poth, COO