Fortune 100 Tech executive brings skills and experience as fractional CIO

PHOENIX, Ariz., Nov. 16, 2021  — Steve Phillips, a change-oriented global technology executive, has joined TAG CXO to offer interim and fractional executive CIO services available for on-demand engagement to mid-market operators.

Phillips has built a reputation as a people-first leader, building sustainable teams that deliver outstanding results. Hardware and software are relatively easy to come by, but people, Phillips says, are the real assets.

“It’s the people that make all the difference,” he says.

He has taken this approach to leading technology-focused companies and transformed their IT programs by developing and delivering digital capabilities that support new go-to-market models in ecommerce, services delivery, and reverse logistics, resulting in $100M’s in new digital revenues.

Phillips’ career includes leading companies through complex mergers and acquisitions, a process that requires knowledge and expertise from a tech perspective.

“Experience absolutely matters when it comes to successful M&A, to ensure mergers deliver on their stated benefits,” Phillips says.

As executive vice president and CIO at a 100,000 employee BPO business, Phillips optimized margins by reducing IT expenses by $20 million, while simultaneously improving system service levels by 50% and introducing new technologies that drove material revenue growth.

“Steve is the quintessential experienced large company executive, with a warm countenance in conversation that conveys his sense of insight, confidence and personal humility. Naturally inquisitive, deeply learned, and well recognized within his profession, Steve is ready to bring his ‘quick study’ approach, and years of hindsight, to new advisory clients. And, we are thrilled to offer his tenure to TAG CXO clients!” said Paul Theisen, CEO and Founder.

Phillips, who is originally from the UK, received his undergrad degree and postgraduate diploma from the University of Essex and the University of West London, respectively. He was named a fellow at the UK Institute of Engineering and Technology and was the recipient of a fellowship focused on manufacturing management at Cranfield University.

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Zach Poth, COO