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There are two types of IT programs:

Robust, solid, long-lasting systems and processes – like bricks used to build a house.
Quick, flexible, functional systems designed for a specific goal – like a tent.
Each design has a purpose. The brick-style system supports an organization and is integral to everyday operations.

The tent-style system is configurable, can be easily modified to fit a need, is reusable when needed and disposable when the task is complete.

We run into trouble when we use bricks when a tent will do.

“Permanent is to bricks, as temporary is to tents,” says Paul Theisen, principal and founder of TAG CXO.
This scenario often plays out in construction companies. The company is run with solid technology systems that are built to last. Construction projects in the field try to use those same systems and processes and become overburdened with software and information. All that IT infrastructure becomes a distraction and ultimately, a delay.

Construction companies are permanent. Construction projects are constantly changing and adapting to the situation or particular need, Theisen says.
“So companies should be built out of bricks and projects are like living in a tent,” he says.
Using brick-and-mortar processes in a temporary setting isn’t efficient. The two arms are functionally and fundamentally different.
Knowing your organization and knowing exactly which type of system is needed for the project is essential.

“It’s our duty as tech providers to provide a platform for our clients that meets those needs,” Theisen says.
To help determine which type of system your organization needs, we’ve outlined the Five Nouns and Four Verbs of building an IT operation, check out the list here:

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