Webinar Series: The Future of Business Powered by AI

Friend or Foe – The Impact of AI on Cybersecurity

An Executive Guide

In today’s turbulent economic environment, leaders are actively seeking solutions that can help them achieve distinct and impactful business outcomes. Step away from the hype and delve into how artificial intelligence is being harnessed to address pricing pressures, mitigate escalating costs, and uncover fresh avenues for revenue generation.

Presented by Daniel Paula and Ken Elliott

Cybersecurity Executive/Author, and Co-Founder of Provision Analytics

  1. OCT 5: Demystifying Generative AI – An Executive Guide  Watch Replay
  2. NOV 1: How AI Delivers Margin Expansion – An Executive Guide
  3. DEC 6: Friend or Foe – The Impact of AI on Cybersecurity
  4. Ensuring Employee Success in the Age of AI

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