CIO roundtable event offers digital transformation best practices

TAG CXO gathers tech leaders to discuss creating a digital culture

Phoenix, Ariz., May 24, 2022 – The digital future is here but are organizations actively transforming their businesses to adapt to it? 

TAG CXO invited several tech industry veterans to a virtual roundtable to answer that question and discuss best practices in digital transformation.

The topic of discussion was “Strategize, Organize and Accelerate your Digital Transformation,” presented by Vinay Indraganti, a TAG CXO friend and vice president of global digital transformation and strategy at Ingredion. 

Digital transformation is the process of integrating technology throughout an organization to fundamentally change the way it operates. This transformation isn’t just about converting analog to digital or moving to paperless operations. 

“Digital transformation is not just a function, it’s a strategy,” Indraganti says. Identify the goal and map out the journey to get there, he says. 

There are three levels of digital transformation:

    1. Foundational – master data management, system data integration and data analytics and visualization 
    2. Essential – artificial intelligence, IoT, citizen app development, process orchestration, enterprise knowledge management and robotic process automation 
    3. Aspirational – augmented reality and virtual reality, blockchain and digital twin

The foundational level includes functions a business cannot do without but doesn’t necessarily provide value.

The essential level includes programs organizations should invest in that will begin to bring value.

True digital transformation happens at the aspirational level, where companies can leverage their digital capabilities and see multifold value returns, Indraganti explains. 

Successful digital transformation typically involves fostering a digital culture.

Organizations can encourage that culture by developing a growth mindset, striving to gain customer insight quickly and effectively, staying on top of technology trends and innovations, having data analytics know-how and using agile and lean methodologies of management. 

Adopting a culture of technological change happens enterprise-wide, not in silos. Indraganti suggests creating a cross-functional team that is equipped to drive the transformation across the company. 

Getting company-wide buy-in is essential for true transformation, says Paul Theisen, principal and founder of TAG CXO.

“Pushing through to adoption is where transformation happens,” he says. “You have to get to full-scale adoption to actually get the return and harvest the value.”

Domino’s Pizza is an example of successful transformation. The restaurant was on the verge of bankruptcy but after pivoting and embracing a technology-first culture, they’ve rebounded as a digital innovator. Read about their story here:

Indraganti has spent a good amount of time in supply chain and logistics operations, performing digital experiments, and says organizations are going beyond artificial intelligence to autonomous. 

His goal, and the purpose of the roundtable, is to share knowledge and best practices with other battle-tested, industry veterans. TAG CXO will hold these roundtable events quarterly. For more information, visit:

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Zach Poth, COO